ETC was a huge help when Mom needed to move. They prescreened several possibilities in Marin and once I decided where Mom’s new home would be, they coordinated moving all of Mom’s things and helped organize Mom’s new room. They did a beautiful job making Mom feel like she was home in her new surroundings. They also helped with a lot of the financial obstacles and even located subsidies that we were able to use to reduce the cost of Mom’s care. I am so thankful for the help provided by ETC. – CD

Huge thank you for setting up Mom so well. Things are coming together and every day that I talk to her she has more and more enthusiasm about everything that’s going on. We went over there and had dinner at her place last night, we just took to go food there and it was just cool. Everything is in place and she knew where everything was and it was great. – JM

Amazing help during tough times. They went above and beyond to help my mother transition to assisted living. – JH